Shenandoah Sub Shenandoah is a subdivision located in Brighton Twp, Michigan in Livingston County that is ideally and conveniently located only a few miles from the I-96 and US 23 expressways.  This is a great sub if you are looking for the possibility of a pond in your backyard.  The Shenandoah sub is located off… Read More

Typical Features Buyers Want in a Home in Brighton, Michigan Real Estate

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Saving for a Down Payment in the Brighton, MI Real Estate Market

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Brighton Michigan Real Estate – Cost vs Price of Buying a Home

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Are People Moving In or Out of Michigan?

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Are you Renting in Brighton, MI?

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FICO Score Needed to Buy a Home in Brighton, MI

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Why it Makes Financial Sense to Own a Home Instead of Renting in Brighton, Michigan

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Facts About Buying a Home in the Brighton, Michigan area

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Paperwork for Applying for a Mortgage in Brighton, MI

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