Featured Business

Our community is full of wonderful businesses doing wonderful things. I dedicate this page to those local companies whose products and services I would be proud to recommend. This month’s Living by the Lakes Featured Business is:

DMT Artistry, LLC

Graphic Design & Marketing for Clients Who Think “Good Enough” is for Sissies

Designing everything from logos and websites, to posters, book covers, t-shirts and e-mail marketing campaigns, owner and founder Dawn M. Tomczyk has long ago forgotten what it means to be “bored”. For her, every day involves creative thinking, clever design and remarkably cool clients. Here’s how Dawn tells her story:

Dawn, owner of DMT Artistry, LLCHow did you get started and why?

“After years of quietly marketing my colored pencil portraiture after work hours, graphic design blew into my life like a hurricane. I fell head over heels for Adobe Photoshop, design principles and visual marketing. Here was something I was passionate about. Here was something I could sink my teeth into.

When I morphed DMT Artistry from fine art to graphic design, I took a baseball bat to every “you can’t do that” and “how do you expect to earn money?” that was thrown at me. When you’re fired up about what you’re doing, those gnat-like bursts of pessimism are about as potent as weak tea.

And courtesy of a particularly wonderful and welcoming local business community, it’s all working splendidly.

What do you do?

DMT Artistry projects have ranged from 12-foot banners to miniature web graphics but, at present, the greatest demand has been for website and blogsite creation. With technology being as advanced as it is, there’s just no excuse for a user-unfriendly web system. I create websites, newsletters and emails that the owner can easily navigate and update, no matter what their internet ability.

DMT Artistry, LLCWhat’s your favorite part of what you do?

It’s personable clients, like Christina and Living by the Lakes, that keep me excited about what I do. Formality is for corporate structures. My clients are as human as I am, and I want them to be as comfortable and happy to work with me, as I am to help them.”

Samples of Dawn’s work can be viewed on her blogsite, www.dmtartistry.wordpress.com.