When you entrust your home’s sale to Living by the Lakes, we know that more views can translate to more and even higher offers. That’s why our number one goal is to promote your home to as many prospective buyers as possible. To make that happen for you, we implement the following 49 Point Action Plan:

49 Point Action Plan

  1. Living by the Lake - For our sellersCommunicate. Discuss agency with you before any confidential information is revealed to me.
  2. Acquaint. View your house to become familiar with its features, amenities and condition.
  3. Stage. Advise you how to better showcase your house and what improvements I recommend. I am budget conscious so sometimes just a fresh coat of paint, putting out flowers and storing some of the personal items will make a huge difference to prospective buyers.
  4. Price. Price your house competitively by preparing a “Comparative Market Analysis” (CMA).  I research houses in your area that are on the market, are “pending” sold and have recently sold that are similar to yours.
  5. Present. Present my competitive selling price analysis based on this CMA.
  6. Estimate. Prepare an “Estimate of Seller’s Proceeds” so you have an idea what you will receive (or pay) at closing based on a sale price less estimated costs.  I like to prepare multiple estimates based on different sale prices so that you can see what the effect of a price change has on your bottom line.
  7. Advise. Discuss and advise seller of current market conditions, trends and activity including average selling price, days on market, number of houses sold in their area, etc.
  8. Review. Review all options that you may want to utilize such as “land contract” or leasing.
  9. Discuss. Discussion of a home warranty plan to market your home and make it more desirable.
  10. Fill out. Complete and review listing paperwork with seller.
  11. Provide. Provide all necessary legal disclosures for seller to complete.
  12. Promote. Install yard sign to promote property.  I will include my name and phone number on the sign so that I can personally communicate with prospective buyer inquiries while still maintaining your confidentiality.
  13. Install. Install a lockbox to make it easier for agents and their buyers to view your home. This also helps you so you don’t have to be at your house when they want to see it.
  14. Photograph. Take 50 digital photos from which I will choose a max of 25 to enhance and showcase your home on the MLS and Internet, including my own personal website, and for other advertising purposes.
  15. Post. Enter listing in MLS so it is available for real estate agents to search and find your house for their buyers.
  16. Print. Prepare a multi-page color flyer showcasing the features of your house.
  17. Schedule. Set up “showing desk” so agents can schedule appointments to view your house.
  18. Distribute. Distribute 300-500 “Just Listed” newsletters to area homeowners and my circle of influence (friends, family, acquaintances, and prospective buyers).  These newsletters also contain community oriented and other valuable information that will make it more likely that it won’t be thrown away.
  19. Visit. Personally visit and talk to your neighbors to discuss and promote your house’s features.
  20. Blog. Write a personalized blog about your house that I will post on the Internet.
  21. Distribute. Distribute your listing to 30+ websites including my own website, Realtor.Com,,,, and post a YouTube Video.
  22. Host. Hold an Open House to generate buyer traffic and determine schedule with your permission.
  23. Invite. Prepare invitation for Open House and personally deliver to your neighbors inviting them and their friends, family and acquaintances to attend.
  24. Add. Place an “Open House” rider sign on your “For Sale” yard sign on the Tuesday prior to the Open House.
  25. Log. Keep a log of guests to the Open House and follow-up with them.
  26. Document. Obtain, record and provide feedback of Realtors’ tour, all showings and Open Houses to you.
  27. Communicate. Communicate with you a minimum of once per week including suggestions on getting your house sold.
  28. Update. Update you with analysis of market conditions, trends and activity.  This includes prices of new listings and recently sold houses that are comparable to yours.
  29. Promote. Promote listing to 30+ fellow agents in my office and tour your house.
  30. Utilize. Utilize “Reverse Prospect” Program in MLS.  This allows me to contact agents who have buyers that meet the criteria of your house.
  31. Advise. Advise interested parties of any price changes to listing and promote at office sales meetings.
  32. Present. Present all offers to you that I receive.
  33. Negotiate. Negotiate for the highest and best offer possible.
  34. Calculate. Estimate your proceeds from offer.
  35. Confirm. Follow up and verify all buyers’ information with Mortgage Company.
  36. Process. Process paperwork with Title Company.
  37. Order. Order payoff info on current mortgages & liens.
  38. Verify. Verify purchaser’s deposit.
  39. Inspect. Coordinate all inspections.
  40. Report. Report progress to seller on inspections, mortgage, title work, etc.
  41. Resolve. Solve any and all issues.
  42. Obtain. Obtain written waivers of contingencies.
  43. Schedule. Coordinate date & time of closing with all parties.
  44. Clarify. Explain closing paperwork to seller.
  45. Coordinate. Coordinate walk through with seller, buyer and their agent.
  46. Clear. Remove sign and lockbox from property.
  47. Finalize. Attend closing.
  48. Coordinate. Coordinate occupancy.
  49. Reconnect. Follow up with sellers and continue to stay in touch acting as a resource of real estate information.

Let me use this system to help you find that ideal buyer! Contact me any time at:

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